Fly in Program

When it comes to your appearance, quality is worth the journey. That's why people travel from near and far to benefit from the services of Dr. Rhoda Narins. Many practices offer liposuction surgery, but few surgeons can call themselves a Liposuction Pioneer. Dr. Narins trained in Paris with the doctors who originated this procedure; she is highly skilled and experienced every aspect of the technique. She also draws patients from far away for her innovative facial rejuvenation procedures and treatments. Her compassionate personality, eye for detail, and womanly touch all add up to a rewarding patient experience.


If you would like to travel to visit Dr. Narins, you won't be on your own. We strive to assist and support our fly-in patients in every way possible for a smooth and satisfying experience. We can send you initial paperwork, assist you with your travel plans, and give you an estimate of how long you'll need to stay in town after your procedure. We can also recommend accommodations and attractions for you and your loved ones to enjoy while visiting.

Fed-Ex Consults

If you would like a Fed-Ex consult, please send us photos of yourself (in a bathing suit) and a cover letter with your age, approximate weight, and a description of which areas you would like corrected. Our office staff will get back to you immediately. You may also give them a call with any questions. Once we receive your photos we will call you to discuss recommended procedures and give you an estimate of the price.