Many Alternatives to Face Lift in Westchester

Press Release

With nonsurgical procedures in higher demand than ever and more patients seeking to combat the signs of aging without invasive face lift surgery, Westchester cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rhoda Narins is seeing a surge in patients seeking skin tightening and smoothing.

White Plains, New York (October 2009) - The traditional face lift is getting a "makeover" of its own as New York patients take advantage of extensive nonsurgical treatment options and opt to reduce the signs of aging without having to undergo full-scale face lift surgery. Dr. Rhoda Narins, a cosmetic surgeon and board-certified dermatologist, says that many signs of aging can be corrected without surgery, and with the help of new technologies a "nonsurgical face lift" in Westchester can get results that satisfy many patients' goals.

"Generally, most of the really noticeable signs of aging appear because of specific changes we experience in the quality of our skin over time," explains Dr. Narins. "By correcting those problems at the source we can often address skin concerns quite effectively without surgery at all."

Both older and younger patients are taking advantage of Dr. Narins' alternatives to facial cosmetic surgery in Westchester, which typically involve one to three laser or light-based therapies, and sometimes other treatments such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels. These combined therapies vary depending on the patient, but are designed to correct imperfections at the same time as they enhance the quality of the skin itself. While she also offers an extensive lineup of laser, radiofrequency, and light-based therapies, Dr. Narins says she typically focuses treatment plans around BOTOX® Cosmetic and injectable fillers.

"Wrinkles and facial firmness are probably the biggest concern for patients, and injectables can really help. When patients find out that they can actively control how their skin looks by making dramatic changes in how healthy it is, they're suddenly very interested," she says. "It's a question of not just looking younger by dealing with the effects of facial aging, but taking things a step further and feeling younger. For that you have to get at the source of the problems that cause wrinkles."

A common treatment plan for Dr. Narins' nonsurgical face lift surgery patients in Westchester begins with BOTOX® Cosmetic, DYSPORT™, or an injectable filler such as JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel, Restylane®, Radiesse® or Sculptra®. She can also perform a series of treatments using Intense Pulsed Light, a laser-like therapy that selectively targets damaged or abnormally pigmented facial tissues along with other problems such as "broken" blood vessels and sun or "age" spots. 

Dr. Narins notes that although these noninvasive treatments are less intensive than traditional cosmetic surgery, they still offer many of the positive psychological benefits associated with surgical enhancements.

"Patients are finding that when they look better, they feel better, and that change in perspective gives them a more confident attitude," she explains. "Enhanced confidence is a big reason why these procedures are so popular with job seekers and older professionals, and it's definitely one of the reasons I expect to see the nonsurgical approach continue to get even more popular."

Both women and men trust dermatologic cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rhoda Narins for nonsurgical face lift in Westchester County. Learn more about your options when you call (914) 684-1000 (Westchester) to schedule an appointment.