Facial Rejuvenation in Westchester

We offer a variety of facial peels to meet the needs of many skin types and conditions.

Facial Treatments and Peels

Our staff is fully licensed to provide customized facials for acne, photo aging, dry or oily skin, and other common conditions that can benefit from facial rejuvenation in Westchester County. These facials and peels include:

  • Deep Pore Medical Cleanse
    Gentle steam is applied to soften the skin and draw impurities to the surface. Blackheads, whiteheads and milia are removed. Includes a facial mask application.
  • Deep Pore Medical Cleanse with Light Acid Peel
    Steam is applied to soften the skin and draw impurities to the surface. Comedones and milia are removed. A light acid peel is applied which disinfects, removes dead skin and flakiness (exfoliates).
  • Collagen Cleanse
    A sheet of freeze dried collagen is applied with a warm mineral mask to penetrate the collagen. Rejuvenates the skin giving the skin a plump radiant, refreshing look.
  • Glycolic Acid Peel
    Glycolic acid is found in sugar cane and various fruits. These peels are designed to freshen the skin, lighten age spots, fade uneven discolorations and restore sun-damaged cells, leaving the skin with a nicer, softer, smoother texture.
  • Refining Peel
    The Refining Peel (a medium peel) will refine large pores, age lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, chloasma, and sun damage - while tightening the skin for a healthy, robust look.
  • Blue Peel
    This peel achieves optimum skin resurfacing. Blue Peel rarely causes erythema or inflammation. Healing is relatively painless and occurs within seven to ten days. The Blue Peel can help correct wrinkles, melasma, scars, laxity, and large pores. Your skin is left looking tauter and lifted. This peel can be used on darker skinned individuals. (This formula combines a non-ionic base with TCA.)
  • Derma Genesis Microdermabrasion Microsanding Peel
    The Derma Genesis Peel is a safe microdermabrasion treatment that does not use acids that etch the skin, or lasers that burn the skin. You will look smoother and brighter with no downtime.

Getting Started

Women and men from Westchester County, Manhattan, and other parts of New York City visit dermatologic cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rhoda Narins for wrinkle treatments, liposuction, and laser skin treatments. Call (914) 684-1000 (White Plains) to schedule an appointment and learn more.