Kybella in Westchester

Non-Surgical Double Chin Removal for Westchester Patients

Kybella offers a new option to patients looking to slim down their double chin without surgery. It is a unique injectable that is the first and only of its kind to be approved as an option to rid moderate to severe fat deposits under the chin. For patients in the Westchester County area looking for a non-surgical option to reduce or eliminate a unsightly neck fat deposits, the newly FDA-approved injectable Kybella may be an appropriate treatment.

What is Kybella? 

The key ingredient in Kythera Biopharmaceutical’s new injectable Kybella is identical to deoxycholic acid, an acid which is naturally produced in the body. When Kybella is injected into the submental fat in the chin area, it dissolves fat cells and permits plastic surgeons and dermatologists to reshape the chin area without surgery. Of course Dr. Narins can also perform liposculpture on this area for patients who want surgery. Well-known board-certified Westchester dermatologist Dr. Rhoda Narins helped conduct the two clinical trials for Kybella and has treated many patients with this product. 

Who is a good candidate for Kybella double chin reduction?

If you have localized fat deposits under the chin that you have wanted to diminish for years, you could be a great candidate for Kybella treatment. Patients that suffer from sagging "turkey neck" type skin would not be a good candidate due to skin laxity.

This minimally invasive facial rejuvenation option is available to patients in the NYC and Westchester areas by Dr. Rhoda Narins. Call her office to schedule an appointment at (914) 684-1000 (Westchester).