LATISSE™ Eyelash Growth Treatment

Beautiful eyelashes can now be yours, naturally. LATISSE™ is an exciting, new prescription treatment that just might make mascara and eyelash extensions obsolete. Dermatologic cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rhoda Narins is pleased to offer consultations and a prescription for this FDA-approved eyelash growth solution to her Westchester County patients during their visit.

Benefits of LATISSE

LATISSE is ideal for adults who want to enhance their appearance with beautiful eyelashes. The benefits include:
  • Longer, thicker, darker eyelashes
  • Freedom from mascara smudging and running
  • Easy treatments you perform yourself
To determine if LATISSE is right for you, Dr. Narins will review your health history at your confidential consultation. During this visit you can also learn about the variety of other aesthetic treatments she offers, including facial fillers and laser skin treatments that can help you look more refreshed and youthful.

Eyelash Growth Treatments

You don't need to travel to a salon or a doctor's office for LATISSE eyelash growth treatments; applying this product can be a quick, convenient addition to your nighttime routine. Using the specially designed applicator, you carefully apply the solution along the base of your upper eyelids once daily. LATISSE is approved for use on the upper eyelashes only, so be sure to blot away any excess solution after each application.

Be aware that LATISSE may temporarily irritate the eyes, cause the skin around the eyes to darken, and has been associated with an increase in brown pigmentation of the iris in some people with hazel eyes. Be sure to discuss any concerns you might have with Dr. Narins at your consultation.

How It Works

The active ingredient in LATISSE, called bimatoprost, enables you to naturally grow more eyelashes at once for an enhanced look that is thicker than before. Your eyelashes can also grow longer than before because the actual growth phase of the eyelash is extended.

Since LATISSE enhances the eyelashes themselves, you probably won't notice improvements for about 4 weeks as new eyelash growth appears. Most patients achieve full results after about 16 weeks. You can maintain your improvements with use 3 to 4 nights weekly. Eyelashes will gradually return to their original state if you stop using LATISSE.

Getting Started

Would you like to learn more about LATISSE eyelash growth treatment? To schedule a consultation with Dr. Narins, call her office at 914-684-1000. Many patients visit her from around the world, as well as nearby areas like Manhattan and other parts of New York City, and Westchester County for liposuction, as well as for other cosmetic dermatology procedures.