Dermal Fillers

Some women and men are looking for long-lasting results from their dermal filler treatments, but most available fillers last from a few months to 2 years at most. Facial fillers by Dr. Rhoda Narins, a dermatologic cosmetic surgeon, gives Westchester County residents lasting improvements with medical-grade liquid silicone injections.

Facial Rejuvenation for Westchester County Patients

Liquid silicone, made up of silicone (a synthetic polymer), oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen, is sterile, purified, and not associated with allergic reactions. It can be used for a variety of cosmetic treatments, including:
  • Correcting facial folds and wrinkles such as marionette lines and smile lines (nasolabial folds)
  • Adding volume to hollows under the eyes and other areas of the face
  • Contouring the chin and cheeks
  • Treating scars from acne and chicken pox
  • Sculpting and augmenting lips
  • Counteracting lipoatrophy (facial fat loss)Improving facial deformities post surgery
Although the FDA has not specifically approved liquid silicone for cosmetic use, licensed physicians are permitted to use it in cases where they believe it is medically appropriate and safe (referred to as "off-label" use). Off-label uses of medical products is highly common - for instance, BOTOX Cosmetic, popular in Westchester and across the country for treating wrinkles, has been safely used in countless cases. Dr. Narins has special training in liquid silicone treatments, and has written and lectured on their safe and proper cosmetic use.

Microdroplet Technique

Silicone treatments take about 15 minutes depending on the extent of treatment. Dr. Narins injects tiny drops or "microdroplets" of liquid silicone beneath the skin in the treatment areas. Since the body treats this silicone as a foreign substance, it produces collagen to surround the silicone. This buildup of collagen fills in sagging skin, plumping it up and ultimately producing a more youthful look. Patients may require as many as 8 treatments to achieve the desired results, but improvements are very long lasting. The younger the patient, the fewer treatments are usually required.

Getting Started

Patients from across the globe, as well as Westchester County, trust dermatologic cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rhoda Narins for her knowledge, experience, and skill. She welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about available treatment options during your private consultation. Call her office to schedule an appointment at (914) 684-1000 (Westchester).